Patti Normand is an artist based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. She works in both sculpture and photography, meticulously building dioramas which are then the subject matter of the photos. The dioramas are built in miniature scale, while the photos are large format.

Patti has had a diverse career, pursuing both her personal work, as well as working professionally in museums doing exhibit work. She has created many dioramas and other visual props for some of Canada's National Museums, notably the Children's Museum at the Canadian Museum of History.

Artist Statement

"On the surface the miniature worlds I create seem safe, but look closer and it becomes apparent all is not as it seems. The settings in my pieces range from city parks to the Canadian wilderness. Carefully chosen, they play an integral part in narratives that are frequently disquieting and absurd. Inspired by my memories and fears, they examine our relationship with nature, our indifference to it and each other."


Ontario College of Art University, Toronto, Ontario

Some Recent Exhibits

2016 " Canadian Gothic "  Solo exhibit, Wall Space Gallery, Ottawa, On

2015  Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibit, Toronto, On

2014  "Little Voices "  a collaboration with writer Lesley Buxton, Karsh- Masson Gallery, Ottawa City Hall,                    Ottawa, On


City of Ottawa Public Art Program


SNAP ! Photgraphy Competition, Award of Merit 2016


City of Ottawa Project Grant 2016